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Homemade Belgian Fries with 3 flavours of Mayonnaise (Original, Cocktail & Garlic flavour) Pre-cooked & frozen, please fry it at home once more for a crispy texture  


Tomato, Iceberg, Mayonnaise


Sous Vide Chicken Breast, White Wine Sauce, Champignon


Braised Beef with Stout Beer, Pancetta and Mustard


Includes: ☛ Carbonnade à la Flammande - braised beef with stout beer, pancetta, and mustard ☛ Waterzooi - slow cooked chicken breast with white wine sauce and champignon ☛ Grey shrimp Salad with tomato, iceberg & mayonnaise ☛ Frites Maison – Homemade French Fries with 3 flavours of Mayonnaise


Risotto, Lemon, Cayenne Pepper


Traditional Liégeoise Meatballs (Beef & Pork), Onion Gravy

Our take away menu is available to order from 11AM - 8PM