Belga Rooftop Bar & Brasserie is Bangkok’s only Belgian restaurant with a special emphasis on traditional Belgian food and beverage such as Moules Frites and waffles. The diner has a choice between Bangkok’s biggest selection of Moules Frites and waffles, offering a complete immersion into the world of Belgian food in a casual, non-intimidating setting.

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Moules hoegaarden

White Beer, Cream
THB 590 | THB 1,090

Grey Shrimp Croquettes

A Belgian “Must try” Dish
THB 350


Light & Crisp
THB 250

Cheese croquettes

A Belgian “Must try” Dish
THB 290

Cold Entrées

Artisanal Platter

Dry-aged Ham, Pig’s Head Terrine, Saucisson,
Artisan Cheese.
Normal THB 690 | Large THB 1,190

Salade de Chicons

Comté, Walnut, Celery and Green Apple.
THB 290

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Artisan Cheese

Served with Crispy Bread and Pickles.
THB 290 | THB 480

L'Américain Entree Belga


Traditional Beef Tartare, Mayonnaise and
Crispy Bread
THB 490

Crab Waffle

Spicy Cocktail Mayonnaise,
Mesclun Salad, Cherry Tomatos
THB 320

Salade Liégeoise

Lettuce, Lardons, Potatoes, Egg.
THB 290 | THB 480

Grey Shrimp Salad

Tomato, Iceberg, Mayonnaise.
THB 390


Selection of French Oysters.
3pc THB 270 | 5pc THB 450 | 7pc THB 630

Mesclun Salad Beer Vinaigrette

Mesclun Salad

Local Organic Leaves, Beer Vinaigrette
THB 210

Mini Waffle Bites


Belgian Beef Tartare, Mayonnaise
THB 290

House Cured Salon

Dill Mustard Cream
THB 290

Hot Entrées

Grey Shrimp Croquettes

A Belgian “Must try” Dish.
THB 350

Cheese croquettes

A Belgian “Must try” Dish.
THB 290

Endive au Gratin

Paris Ham, Béchamel.
THB 350

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Mixed Croquettes

THB 420

Smoked Aubergine

Quinoa, Pinenut,Spiced Tomato Coulis.
THB 320

Roasted Bone Marrow

Parsley and Caper Salad.
THB 490

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Beer & Endive Soup

Chicken Broth, Toasted Bread & Gruyères
THB 290

Homemade Egg Noodles Belga

Homemade Egg Noodles

Mushroom, Truffle, Slow-cooked Egg, Hazelnut
THB 350

Pommes Fondante

Braised Beef, Stout, Celeriac Remoulade
THB 290

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Beer Battered Cod Fish

Anchovy Mayonnaise
THB 350


Moules Marinière

White Wine, Shallots, Parsley.
THB 590 | THB 1,090

Moules Hoegaarden

White Beer, Cream.
THB 590 | THB 1,090

Moules Tom Yum

Chili Paste, Lime, Coriander.
THB 590 | THB 1,090

Moules de Jour

Flavour of the Day
THB 590 | THB 1,090

Our Mussels are served with Homemade French Fries and Mayonnaise.



Traditional Beef Tartare, Mayonnaise and Crispy Bread.
THB 750

Steak Frites

Grilled Australian Rib-eye (280g), Béarnaise sauce and Green Salad
Sirloin 990 | Rib-eye 1,190

Cote de Boeuf

Bone in Rib-eye (1kg), Choice of two Garnitures.
THB 2,950

Boulets sauce lapin Belga

Boulets Sauce Lapin

Traditional Liégeoise Meat Balls (Beef & Pork),
Onion Gravy.
THB 590

Carbonnade à la Flammande

Braised Beef with Stout Beer, Pancetta and Mustard.
THB 790


Slow cooked ChickenBreast, White Wine Sauce, Champignon.
THB 650

Boudin Blanc Maison

Homemade White Pudding, Apple Compote.
THB 570


Puff Pastry Filled withh Poached Chicken,
Champignons & Velouté.
THB 590

Fish & Seafood

Tiger Prawn Risotto

Lemon, Cayenne Pepper.
THB 560

Pan-seared Japanese Scallops

Braised Endive, Orange Beurre Blanc.
THB 620

Steamed Cod Fish

Grey Shrimp, Capers, Lettuce.
TH 690

Dover Sole Meunière

Brown Butter, Lemon, Parsley.
THB 1,950

Canadian Lobster

Garlic Butter, Béarnaise
Half Lobster THB 950 | Full Lobster THB 1,790


Selection of French Oysters.
3pc THB 270 | 5pc THB 450 | 7pc THB 630

BELGA aims to source all Seafood from sustainable fishing.


Frites Maison

Homemade French Fries | THB 250

Seasonal Vegetable

Cocotte Style | THB 190

Mesclun Salad

Beer Vinaigrette | THB 180


Root Vegetable Mash | THB 190

Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.



Chewy and Yeasty | THB 250

Dame Blanche

Vanilla Ice Cream, Chantilly, Belgian Chocolate Sauce.
THB 250 | THB 390


Light & Crisp | THB 250

Belgian Chocolate Mousse

With Cocoa Meringue | THB 290

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Served with selection of Condiments.
THB 590

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Artisan Cheese Platter

Imported Cheese.
THB 290 | THB 480

All waffles will be served with Belgian chocolate sauce and homemade Chantilly.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.